Clinic for tourist and non-residents of Québec

Affordable health services for Quebec's tourists and non-resident populations.

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No taxes.
No yearly or inscription fees.
Follow ups if needed, will necessitate future bookings.
Not suitable for narcotics or benzodiazepine refills.
Not a guarantee for a prescription. 
You pay only for time of consultation of the doctor and his recommendations.
Physician calling you may suggest a physical evaluation by a physician. There will be no refund in such cases.
Extras fees for forms: 120$ to 200$.
Travel in peace, and know you have people that can help you wherever you are in Québec.
Up to 15 minutes per call.

30 boul Taschereau, 2e étage #202, La Prairie, Qc J5R5H7

Tel fax et sms: 1-833-964-4725

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