The Font Medical Centre team daily answers patients’ needs with diligence, skill, and humanity. With the mission to provide quick access to specialty health services, Dr. Font and his team take concrete action to allow you to enjoy an optimal level of health.

Dr. Faviel Font

Upon completing his residency in family medicine at the St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital in Youngstown, Ohio, USA, in 2015, Dr. Faviel Font worked as a general practitioner for many years.

Dr. Font went on to complete a specialization in excess weight medicine and medical aesthetic care. Along with only nine other practitioners in Quebec, he is certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine. This confirms his expertise in a field of medicine that has seen an impressive evolution in the last few years. With excess weight medicine advocating respect, attentiveness, patience, and acceptance, it is only natural that these are the values that drive the daily activities of Dr. Font’s team.

To round out his skills and thus be even more of an asset to his patients by providing proven treatments, Dr. Font is enrolled in the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise medicine. Patients with musculoskeletal ailments or acute or chronic pain will find relevant solutions under his care.

Mission and values

The mission of the Font Medical Centre is to provide you with quick access imbued with humanity to many specialty medical services.

In a welcoming environment, Dr. Font and his associates provide you with relevant medical advice and treatments perfectly adapted to your needs.

The values that permeate our practice are at the core of our reputation for excellence.:

Our respect for you as a person and for your reality. With us, you are not simply a file number. You are a human being who needs help in regaining optimal health.

Our attentiveness to providing the most relevant medical advice. It is essential that we closely listen without judgment.

Our rigor to establish a precise diagnosis, prescribe the relevant treatment and provide the required follow-up.

Our professionalism with each team member fully cognizant of the latest medical breakthroughs and using state-of-the art equipment.

Our range of specialty medical services and the attentive support we provide our patients in the practice of a healthy lifestyle are the keys that allow them to attain optimal health levels.