SAAQ medical exam


The quickest and simplest way to obtain a medical consultation and report for an SAAQ driver’s licence.

To ensure the health and safety of all drivers, health evaluations are required for all drivers with health issues or a specific condition.

At the Font Medical Centre, you will benefit from an efficient and accessible medical examination service to safely continue driving. Our clinic has worked with truck drivers throughout the province of Quebec since 2018. You pay only for the report form.

Who are our SAAQ driver’s licence exams for?

The time has come to renew your driver’s licence. You have a condition or a health issue that requires that a medical report be completed by a doctor, but you do not have a family physician.

Please note that our SAAQ medical exams are available to all drivers notwithstanding their age or licence class.


Get a same-day or prompt appointment at the Font Medical Centre. Reports will be prepared by a doctor for $ 120 + taxes for drivers covered by the Quebec Health Insurance Plan (RAMQ) or $ 300 without taxes for all others. Reports are sent by email.

As the reports must be completed within a tight deadline (usually within 30 days) and many drivers in the region do not have a family physician, our team takes all the required steps to offer you an efficient and accessible SAAQ medical exam service.

Please note that the eyesight examination can also be completed at the SAAQ service centre nearest you.

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“At the Font Medical Centre, we are keenly aware that many of our patients need a valid driver’s licence for their daily work and family transportation needs.”